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Lingua Learning Academy is an online private school for middle and high school serving students grades 6-12.  We offer 2 all-in-one curriculums that allow students to truly customize their learning. At Lingua Learning Academy we are passionate about the success of each and every student.  We work hard to ensure that students are able to find a place in one of our many programs, whether it be as a private school student, a part-time student wanting to take a course not offered at their local school, or a homeschooling family looking for an all-in-one curriculum–wherever you may be we are here to support you on your educational journey.  It is time that your schooling match your ambitions and the needs of the 21st century learner both in the United States and worldwide!

Here are our top ten reasons to attend an online schooling program

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Learn All About Our students

Types of online students

Student Travelers

Worldschoolers, Homeschoolers, Students who want flexibility to travel and learn from authentic experiences

More Time for Extracurriculars

Students who want to pursue passions full time rather than school

Student Athletes

Athletes that need a flexible schooling option so that they can focus on their training

three steps to a Successful start

Enrollment Process

Since we are an online school for middle and high school students, we are not confined to a traditional school or district calendar. We take student enrollments year round! We will help you every step of the way.


Complete online application

Submit any transcripts of previous courses taken, a copy of birth certificate/passport, select a payment option and make first payment.


Meet your guidance counselor

Conference together to create a customized success plan discussing the curriculum that best fits student’s needs, create a schedule, and select courses.


Get Started Right

Complete Orientation module and receive login credentials to get access to your courses.

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What we believe

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You Deserve An educational experience that will work for you

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Questions And Answers

Birth certificates help us verify the identity of each student as well as verify their birthdate which can help in grade placement. However, students who meet grade requirements can progress based on course mastery rather than wait till their next birthdate.

That’s the beauty of online school–it’s up to you! We have found that the most successful students set aside about 45 minutes a day in each course, however, this can be set up throughout the day and not at one time if the student chooses. We encourage breaks, snacking, exercising, etc It really can be flexible. Reach out to us and request our sample schedule handout.

1. Complete online application by submitting transcripts, a birth certificate/Passport, and tuition payment. 2. Meet with a Guidance Counselor to discuss placement, create a course schedule and a student success plan. 3. Complete the Orientation module. 4. Receive credentials to log in to your courses. 5. Begin working!

Full-time students should be completing around 2 assignments per week per course.  Each curriculum has a calendar feature that will help create a custom pace chart just for you. Stick with the pace chart and you’ll be sure to complete on time.

These are two different programs.  Private school is a full-time institution that leads to a US high school diploma.  Even though students are working 100% from home, they are still enrolled into a school.  A Homeschool Student is someone who has withdrawn from traditional schooling-private and public schools- and is NOT tied to a school.  The parent of homeschooled students is the teacher of record. The parent can choose any curriculum to instruct their child.  Lingua Learning Academy offers access to their 2 curriculums to homeschooling families WITHOUT being enrolled in the public school.  Homeschool families should refer to the homeschool page for more services that we provide for these students.

Absolutely! That is our goal! We aim to have students successfully complete one of our 3 high school diploma paths: career, college prep, and honors.  These paths range from 18-24 credits.  Additionally, transfer students must complete a minimum of 5-6 credits with LLA to earn one of our US high school diplomas.

Lingua Learning Academy’s tuition is all-inclusive and is the same regardless of when a student completes.  Students have access to the courses for the full 12 month period. They can choose to advance to the next grade level if all requirements are met, or they can choose to have a break or traditional summer off.

At LLA, we feel that we can help all students succeed through one of our programs. We serve students who are escaping bullying situations, students who need extended time, students who are athletes and need to focus more on training, students who want to pursue extracurriculars in a full-time manner, students who are hospital homebound, and many many more. Contact us today to see how we can meet your unique needs.

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