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At Lingua Learning Academy, we want to meet the needs of EVERY learner and in order to do so, we offer TWO award-winning curriculums from the top leaders in the industry.  We invite you to read more about what makes each one unique and explore to see which is the best fit for you.  After browsing, we invite you to request a FREE curriculum demo so that you can dive deeper into the features each curriculum offers.

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela

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Industry Leader

With over 60 years of experience, Edmentum is an award-winning online curriculum that is researched based and aligned to both national and state standards. This curriculum is built with the student in mind. It is designed to meet each students where they are with built-in pre-tests that allows students to move past content that they have already mastered and focus their attention on the topics and skills that they need to learn or struggle with.

The Edmentum website states: “As a partner to over 8,000 districts in all 50 states and schools across 75 countries, we work hard to be masters of our trade – making sure that rigor, simplicity, and innovation drive how we deliver digital curriculum, proven assessments, and educational services. We are laser-focused on supporting you through a wide variety of programs and services and helping to give back what is most crucial to your day-to-day success – your time.”

Pre-test Feature

Pre-test feature allows students to exempt skills and topics in the lesson that they already have mastered and move forward to topics they may not know.

Interactive Dashboard

Instant visibility to student pacing and progress

Wide Range Of Courses

Wide range of courses including Career and Technical Education (CTE), multiple electives, World Languages, and honors/advanced courses.
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20+ years experience

Apex has rigorous standards-based courses including Honors and Advanced Placement. Apex courses use multimedia to capture and maintain students’ attention by engaging all learning styles. Courses help students develop 21st century skills by providing a range of activities and assignments that develop exceptional communication, team-building, and problem-solving skills. All Apex courses provide students with a calendar so they can easily see what is due and stay on track. The calendar for each course can be customized to meet the schedule of each student. Apex offers over 100 courses, including CTE, world languages, Honors and Advanced Placement as well as many state-specific courses. 

Student Athlete Eligibility

NCAA approved courses

Rigorous Courses

Advanced Placement (AP® ) and Honors level courses offered

Tools To Support Every Learner

Text-to-speech and translation tools built-in
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History Of Excellence

FLVS courses were designed to challenge students while also providing both engaging learning experiences and interactive features. Each course has built-in self-check and practice opportunities that help reinforce learning. FLVS courses also include interactive games and quizzes, engaging video and audio clips, hands-on lab activities in math and science, and practical written lessons and assessments.

Students in grades 6 through 8, can choose from an assortment of electives that will allow them to explore future careers and develop leadership skills. FLVS also offers advanced courses in Language Arts, Science, and Math for students who desire more of a challenge.

FLVS courses for High School, are college preparatory courses that promote higher-order thinking skills and include hands-on activities in both math and science. Students seeking a greater challenge can choose to take Honors or AP level courses. Students can also choose from a variety of electives that allow them to explore career interests and/or curiosities.

Variety Of Courses

A variety of courses including honors and AP®; honors courses at the middle school level

Engaging Content

Interactives, engaging videos, interactive quizzes and games, audio-clips

Relevant Courses

Courses are regularly updated to stay relevant, as well as, culturally diverse.
K-12 Courses
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Ready to dive deeper? Want to “test drive” a curriculum? We encourage you to demo each curriculum before making a decision. Click below to request a FREE curriculum demo today!

Read some of our most common

Questions And Answers

Every one of our curriculums are award winning and nationally recognized.  They are mastery-based and cover the same content. For example, all English 1 courses will contain the same topics and skills, just have a different delivery.  We invite you to (1) write down what is most important to you.  Is it honors level courses? Is it built-in tools to accommodate your learning? Is it NCAA or a variety of electives?  (2) Demo a curriculum, both student and parent.  (3) Make a pros and cons list of each curriculum and finally (4) Match each curriculum’s features with your wish list and see which one is the best fit. 

At Lingua Learning Academy, we do not offer any special accommodations that we do not offer to all of our students. However, an online instruction program can meet the needs of special education learners.  Each curriculum is self-paced offering learners extended time if needed.  Students can take frequent breaks at their leisure.  Students can also go back in lessons and re-read or study content to help them.  They can also use the text-to-speech feature if they are a struggling reader, or can even translate the pages if they are an ESOL student. Talk to one of our specialist today on how our curriculums can work for your special needs.

1. Complete online application by submitting transcripts, a birth certificate/passport, and tuition payment. 2. Meet with a Guidance Counselor to discuss placement, create a course schedule and a student success plan. 3. Complete the Orientation module. 4. Receive credentials to log in to your courses. 5. Begin working!

Full-time students should be completing around 2 assignments per week per course.  Each curriculum has a calendar feature that will help create a custom pace chart just for you. Stick with the pace chart and you’ll be sure to complete on time.

Teachers are available from 8am-8pm via phone, text, email and course messaging.  They have 24 hours to respond but most teachers have a much faster response rate. Lingua Learning Academy’s office is open from 9am-5pm EST, excluding weekends and holidays.  Email is the best form of contact in order to receive a quick response.

Absolutely! You are learning for yourself but not by yourself. You are backed by a team of teachers who are willing to help with any content questions. Our office staff is here to answer any of your questions and our IT team is here to help with any technical support you may need.

Lingua Learning Academy’s tuition is all-inclusive and is the same regardless of when a student completes.  Students have access to the courses for the full 12 month period. They can choose to advance to the next grade level if all requirements are met, or they can choose to have a break or traditional summer off.  

Students wanting to have a more rigorous experience can enroll into our Honors or AP® courses.  They must have a minimum 3.0 GPA or a letter of recommendation for an instructor/counselor.  AP® courses require a 3.5 minimum GPA and meet all course prerequisites.  Contact your Guidance Counselor to discuss if you can qualify.

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