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At Lingua Learning Academy, we are the Lightkeepers. Just like Rumi once said, “The lamps are different, but the light is the same.” So are we here at LLA. We embrace diversity and with a student body that spans the globe, we are all very different, however, we all have a common “light”, a passion to learn and to be different…to break the mold of what traditional schooling and students are like and expand our horizons. We want our students and families to ignite their excitement for learning. We want our learners to passionately pursue their dreams and succeed in their academic interests. We want them to embrace a love of learning and achieve academic success. By being different, we can also stand out. We can be a light to others by being respectful, acting with kindness, and to build a beautiful school community that provides a safe space for learning and celebrates the unique light within us all. One light can fight the darkness, but many lights can illuminate the midnight skies! Come join us and bring your light and together we can shine brighter than you ever imagined.

Our Mission
Student success drives every decision that we make. We strive to make a quality education accessible to all through our online platforms. We embrace virtual learning and its ability to create a unique educational experience that is student-led and teacher supported. Lingua Learning Academy is committed to producing students that can compete with their traditionally-schooled peers preparing them to enter the workforce or postsecondary education.
Our Vision
Lingua Learning Academy's vision is to harness the power of the online learning platform to make a quality education accessible to all globally.
Our Values
At Lingua Learning Academy we value personal autonomy creating a unique student-led educational experience that thrives on communication, collaboration, global citizenship, and respect.
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breaking down the walls of traditional learning to allow for a more flexible lifestyle


Who We Are

Lingua Learning Academy (LLA) is a private institution serving students within the United States and worldwide. Lingua Learning Academy is a diploma-granting school as well as serves students in a part-time and full-time capacity. LLA is a member of the accrediting organization Cognia (once called AdvancED). Since we are a new school, we are under their mentorship to ensure that our programs and curriculums meet their rigorous standards. Through this constant partnership and review, we can assure families that they will be receiving a top education that will allow students entrance into colleges and universities, as well as be qualified to join the workforce.

Lingua Learning Academy is staffed by qualified teachers who are certified in the subject areas that they teach. These teachers are experienced and bring their passion of learning with them so that they can offer the support that students and families need. All staff is dedicated to the success of every student. We all share a common goal of educating youth by providing a customized learning experience that can allow for a more flexible lifestyle.

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Why Lingua Learning Academy?

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How are we different than a traditional school?

As a teacher once stated, change is the only constant in life. That is certainly true with the events of the 2020 COVID19 Pandemic where the world was forced to use the power of the internet and move everything to an online platform. With that came all sorts of online educational experiences, namely distance learning, where students logged onto a computer at a set time and engaged in a broadcasted classroom experience tied to an educational institution. At Lingua Learning Academy, we are NOT a distance learning platform. We are a full-time virtual instruction program and private school. We offer a variety of online curriculum that students can access 24/7. No set schedule. No mandatory live classes with an instructor. This is a completely asynchronous learning environment that is student-led and teacher supported.

Flexibility Of Schedule

Students have the flexibility of creating their own schedule and working on the assigned activities at their own pace based on the time that they have purchased (semester or year-long courses).

No Mandatory state testing

Since our curriculums are mastery-based, students are assessed using course benchmarks and standards and not via a state mandated test. However, students still have the opportunity to take SAT/ACT and AP exams.

Student Progression Not Limited

Students can progress to the next grade level within the same year once grade level requirements are met with a grade of D or higher.
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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Even though students pick their curriculum and customize their class schedules, they are supported by a staff that is certified and qualified to teach the course material. Each staff member is experienced and proficient in their content areas.They will provide personalized feedback and individual support through a variety of instructional strategies and resources.

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Lighting the Path to your future

A student’s success is dependent on their individual engagement and upheld by the support and mentorship of a caring staff and dedicated parent(s).

Actively Engaged

In order to light the path to success, students should be actively engaged in their coursework.

Parent Support

Parents are an important part of a student's success. Parents are there to encourage and monitor student learning through the use of various resources and online tools.

Caring Administration

Administration will continuously monitor student progress, make recommendations to improve student achievement, and implement services and resources based on those recommendations.

Passionate Teachers

Teachers take on a supportive role. They are there to motivate, answer curriculum questions, grade work, and inspire student engagement.
Stand out. Be different. Be a light.
Russell M. Nelson

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Questions And Answers

LLA breaks the mold of traditional schooling and serves a broad range of students:

-Students who wish to take honors and advanced level courses.

-Students who need to remediate or who need extended time to learn.

-Students who have failed courses and need to recover their credits in order to graduate.

-Homeschooling families who are looking for an all-inclusive online curriculum

-Students who may be homebound due to health problems.

-Students who want to focus on extracurriculars and need a flexible learning schedule.

These are just some of the many populations that we serve.

Absolutely not.  Lingua Learning Academy is registered as an online, private school with the Florida Department of Education which allows us to issue a US High School Diploma, however, students all over the country and worldwide can access our courses.  All you need is a strong internet connection and device.

No, at this time Lingua Learning Academy serves students grades 6-12.  We hope to bring on grades K-5 in the future.

LLA offers enrollment all year round and does not follow a traditional school 10-month calendar.  Students will be given their login credentials to access their coursework as soon as your enrollment is complete, tuition paid, and you have gone through the Orientation module.

Each of our curriculums come with a dashboard where parents and students can view their grade, percent complete of the course, as well as show other data points of interest.  Parents and students can access this information at any time.  Teachers look at this data and will also contact parents monthly to communicate student progress. If students aren’t progressing we are sure to communicate with parents and set up a success plan.

LLA will meet with the student and parent to discuss placement based on the type of learning that has happened up to that point.  Together students will be placed in a grade. If progress isn’t being made or if it is too easy or difficult, we can reconvene and move grade levels accordingly.

First, click on the “Enroll Now” button to start your application.  You will need transcript from your past schools, a copy of your birth certificate/passport, and a student picture to build our student profile. 

Next, you will be contacted by a LLA Guidance Counselor to review your transcripts and create a customized student progression plan.

International students do not need a visa to enroll into our school.  We do not have a physical campus.  International students will need to create an account and submit their transcripts and paperwork through Scholaro. This service will translate documents, convert credits to a US Carnegie Credit system, and authenticate documents.  There are additional fees for this service but students can keep those documents for future use.

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