Online Homeschool For Middle And High School Students

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Lingua Learning Academy (LLA) is a private institution serving students within the United States and worldwide. Students who do not want to be tied to a public or private school and are home educated now have access to Lingua Learning Academy’s multiple online curriculums for a yearly or monthly fee.
At Lingua Learning Academy, we believe in supporting parents in how and what they teach their children. We also believe in students leading their learning and education as parents support them in their journeys.

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Homeschool Services

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Two Curriculums
Homeschool Students can choose from Edmentum or APEX Learning for the same cost.
Up to 6 courses
Access to all-in-one curriculum for a full load of up to 6 courses = $250 to start and then $99 a month for 11 months. Can cancel at any time.
APEX tutorials
Tutorials allows students to identify learning gaps and build grade-level proficiency using standards-based instruction, practice, and review. They are asynchronous learning modules. $300 per course for 12 month access. Check our Tutorials page for full details.
Refund Policy
Lingua Learning Academy will do everything possible to ensure that you have a wonderful learning experience, however, we understand that this may not be the best fit for you. The initial $300 includes the registration fee and is non-refundable. If a student withdraws within the first 30 days, Lingua Learning Academy will return 50% of payment if full tuition ($1389) was paid and the student is less than 30% complete in their courses. If tuition is being paid using a monthly payment plan, no refund will be returned. After 30 days of access, no refund will be granted.

Homeschool Records

Lingua Learning Academy provides homeschool families with many record keeping tools including:

  • Calculating GPA
  • Printing Report Cards
  • Creating a homeschool transcript
  • Access to Student Activity Reports
  • Show completed assignments and scores
  • View test and quiz scores


Note: Because the PARENT is the one operating the homeschool, all documents are generated and printed from the record keeping software. As a homeschool student, you will not receive an accredited US high school diploma. We are just a curriculum provider and offer the tools for you to generate documents using your own homeschool name. All 50 states permit homeschooling parents to issue a diploma to your student once your student has successfully completed the high school graduation requirements for the state. Become familiar with the homeschool laws of your state.

Homeschool Law

Not sure what homeschool records you need?

  • Visit and view Homeschool Laws By State.
  • Visit your school District website that you are zoned for and search “Home Education”. There, they will be able to give you information about homeschooling in your area.
  • If there are state-specific forms that you need help completing, give us a call at 904-341-5910.

Annual plan, prepaid

$ 1199 Annual
  • $140 discount when yearly tuition is paid in full
  • student enrolled in up to 6 courses
  • 24/7, 365 access
  • amazing customer service
  • college prep curriculums
  • transcript services
  • Digital Progress reports
  • Access to eval gal homeschool services
  • Attendance verification form

Annual, billed monthly

$ 99 Monthly
  • $51 discount when on the monthly plan
  • Interest Free Monthly Payments
  • student enrolled in up to 6 courses
  • Access 24/7, 365
  • amazing customer service
  • college prep curriculums
  • transcript services
  • digital progress reports
  • access to eval gal homeschool services
  • attendance verification form

“If I had to sum up homeschooling in one word, it would be freedom.”

Tamara L. Chiver

plan of action

getting access

For homeschooling families, we offer 2 different all-in-one curriculums: Edmentum and Apex Learning.  As a part of our homeschool program, parents will be able to go in and grade any assignments that are not computer-scored.  View our curriculum page to help you select which curriculum is the best fit for you and your family.  Both curriculums are award-winning and leaders in the industry.  They are widely recognized by colleges and universities..  These curriculums are also secular and not based on any religious theology. Additional to our curriculums, Apex Tutorials are a great fit for homeschooling families. They do not require a teacher or parent.  The work is mastery-based and doesn’t assign a grade. It is a wonderful option for homeschooling families who want the “nuts and bolts” of each course without the written assignments. More information can be found on our Tutorials page.


Choose a Curriculum

Request a free demo of Edmentum and Apex Learning.  Make notes of things that are important to you like pre-tests function, interactives, gradebook or calendar feature.


Meet with Guidance Counselor

Our guidance counselor will be able to help you decide which curriculum fits, how many courses to take (up to 6), help you decide if Tutorials is a better fit, and answer any of your questions.


Get Started Right

Homeschool students will receive their login credentials and can work whenever they would like.  They are not tied to a traditional schedule. They have 12 months to complete the course.  If paying monthly, students can continue to pay the monthly fee as long as they’d like. Students can also change schedule/courses upon written request but can take no more than 6 courses.

Portfolio Checklist

Click here to download our FREE portfolio checklist that will help you in gather your homeschool documents and evidence of progress.

Best Online Homeschool For Middle And High School Students

Best Online Homeschool For Middle And High School Students